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Swedish Massage

A general systematic massage of the soft tissues which works mainly on the muscles, ligaments and tendons to increase the body's blood and lymphatic circulation. It promotes relaxation, range of motion and reduction of muscle tension.

For your relaxation and enjoyment, Hot Stone Therapy is incorporated into the regular massage as well because of its many benefits. Those clients wishing to experience more of what Hot Stone Therapy has to offer need only ask!

I incorporate Hot Stone Therapy into the regular massage because of its many benefits. The warmth of basalt stones is used to massage tight muscles. This type of massage therapy uses the natural healing properties of stone to release pain and tension from stubborn muscle knots while it soothes the whole nervous system. The direct heat results in the deep relaxation of muscles.

Additionally, the warmth of the stones deeply relaxes your entire body, including your conscious mind, creating a dream-like state of awareness, which allows your body and mind to communicate in a stress-free and thought-free manner. Hot stone therapy incorporated with massage helps you to feel more grounded, focused or “down to earth”.

30 Min. $40
60 Min. $65
90 Min. $90






Prices subject to change.